Relaxing in nature

Empowering individuals to manage life's stress and chaos through a simple nature-centered wellness approach.


Certified Wisconsin Master Naturalist

BS Psychology of Health & Wellness

A.A.S. Child Development

CWWPM- Certified Worksite Wellness Program Manager

Expressive Arts Facilitator

Nature Therapy Guide

Laurie Couillard's love of nature began with the joy of watching her own children and those she cared for over the years, as a teacher, discover their world through nature walks and activities designed for every season. As the years went on, her connection to nature and the belief that health is positively impacted by time spent in nature grew stronger, and she went on to earn her wellness degree, her certification as a Wisconsin Master Naturalist, and a nature therapy guide certification.

Her hope is to encourage people to experience the important health benefits for mind, body and spirit that can be achieved through the nature connection for themselves and their family.

“In a world that is full of overstimulation, connecting with nature will help to restore balance.”

-Laurie Couillard

Program Topics

Offering keynotes, workshops, coaching, and custom programs in the following areas. Contact Laurie to discuss your needs

Connecting With Nature
Pottery artist painting
Children Having Fun in Forest

Workplace Wellness

. By reshaping stress responses through simple daily steps, leaders can transform their teams' lives and promote longevity while increasing employee happiness, retention, and productivity.

Nature Connection

Understand how to apply the elements of nature in a way that will balance your mind, body, and spirit and learn simple steps to navigate life’s challenges though the nature connection.

Expressive Arts

Expressive arts provide a variety of mediums to help manage and creatively cope with life experiences that may be difficult to navigate.

Children's Programs

Creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, compassion-Nature creates a unique sense of wonder for kids that no other environment can provide.

Children’s Book

What The Forest Knows

Quotation Mark

The forest has stories we all need to know...just listen as nature changes and grows!

Quotation Mark

The book aims to teach children about nature's importance and the benefits of being present and observant. By recognizing animals and events in different forest scenes, children can learn how elements of nature work together and use these lessons to live a healthy life.

River Flowing Through the Green Rocks

What people are saying

Quotation Mark

Laurie came to speak at our organization and it was phenomenal. She backed up her insights with studies but made it relatable and entertaining. I’m excited to take this back and incorporate her PECSS method with my family


Gina, H.

Quotation Mark

Listening to Laurie talk about nature connection was honestly so eye opening for me. The way she uses nature to relate back to our emotions and perspectives is so simple but transformational. She was personable on stage and told some really impactful stories.


Katie C.

Path in the Forest

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